How Many Forex Trading Days in a Year


Currency trading provides investors and traders alike with a host of opportunities to capitalize on global currency movements. To find long-term success, however, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of forex is indispensable; including familiarizing oneself with trading days per year for effective planning and strategy development.

An average calendar year typically contains 252 trading days on the market, including 104 weekend trading days when major markets like the US stock markets (NYSE and Nasdaq) and forex take a break to give investors some much-needed R&R.

To determine the total number of trading days in a year, take into account public holidays when most markets are closed. To do this, subtract 104 weekend and public holiday days from regular workdays before adding the number of full working days per year as your final result.

At its core, forex traders typically adhere to an annual working calendar that contains 216 trading days. As this may differ depending on trading schedules for individual countries and markets, traders should consult official sources or their forex trading platform in order to stay abreast of holidays and trading day schedules specific to each market.

Stock and futures markets tend to see less trading days per year compared to forex due to standard workweek schedules that exclude weekends and public holidays as non-trading days.

Stock and futures markets also possess certain unique traits that may impact their respective trading schedules, for instance the stock market’s shorter trading days in February and April having an effectful influence on total trading days for the entire year.

Investors and traders benefit from having an in-depth knowledge of the trading calendars for all asset classes to plan their investment strategies and trading approaches more effectively in today’s dynamic global financial landscape. By remaining up-to-date with these calendars, market participants can maximize their opportunities within this dynamic marketplace.

Conclusion The number of trading days across all markets is an essential figure to know and can vary based on individual markets and trading hours in various countries. While forex trading occurs 24 hours a day five days a week, some nations observe holidays that affect how long markets remain open for business.

This article was initially published in January 2019 and has since been edited for accuracy and clarity. Please note that its author does not hold positions in any securities mentioned here; rather it should only be taken as general advice and not taken as investment advice.

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