Which iplay PA Lottery Game Has Most Chances?


iPlay Pennsylvania lottery games offer fast, fun and secure entertainment. Players can experience instant win games around the clock for only five cents each – prizes range from cash to merchandise! Winnings are automatically deposited into your online lottery account on any device used for play – only players physically located within Pennsylvania can participate for real money prizes!

PennLive visited Michael Scanzello at his two-story suburban home to present Stark’s calculations, as he has won 106 $600+ prizes since 2005 – most recently on June 13th when his ticket won him a prize worth $55,200! Scanzello admitted he hadn’t purchased any more tickets since collecting his latest prize; previously though he would purchase 10 per week.

Scanzello’s claim seemed inconsistent with the Lottery’s theory that many frequent winners reinvest their winnings into more tickets, however their spokesperson Gary Miller responded by noting there simply isn’t enough information on individual ticket purchases to determine whether this was in fact happening for each person – in fact he wouldn’t even confirm whether or not they track how many tickets a person purchases!

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