What States Have the Mega Millions Lottery Game?


Mega Millions Lottery Game draws players from all across America hoping to score an extraordinary jackpot prize. Success requires hard work and luck alike – read on to discover which states offer Mega Millions, along with their expected jackpot amounts in each jurisdiction.

State lotteries serve more than just selling tickets; their responsibilities extend to overseeing the game’s rules and regulations, verifying numbers’ integrity, and managing winning ticket distribution. Profits generated from lotteries are used to fund state programs such as education and health initiatives; in certain states like Massachusetts they even reach local municipalities, such as Boston.

California first established its lottery in 1939, making it one of the oldest lotteries in America. California has seen several jackpot winners over time including a $190 million win in 2017 and $543 million win in 2022. California stands out among Mega Millions participants by mandating that all nine prize tiers be pari-mutuel.

Pennsylvania Lottery began operations in 1971, becoming one of 23 original lottery states offering Mega Millions. Over its 47-year existence, Pennsylvania’s Lottery has donated more than $29 billion in assistance and rebates for seniors living within its borders; Carl Szott and Steven Peloquin are two notable Pennsylvania Lottery winners; each taking home $149 Million from 2014’s Mega Millions jackpot and an additional $153 Million win respectively in 2014.

Virginia began offering lottery services in 1982 and since then 19 residents have won Mega Millions jackpots – the largest being $330 Million won by two brothers from Buckingham County in 2012. As is typical for American lotteries, winnings are subject to 16% taxation on winnings.

Oklahoma joined Mega Millions as 47th state to participate in 2010, but to date has no jackpot winner. Proceeds from ticket sales go into four separate funds managed by the Oklahoma Lottery; one such fund, Oklahoma Opportunity Pathway Account, benefits schools across Oklahoma.

Texas joined Mega Millions back in 2003, and has seen several jackpot winners since then – most recently William R Keifer from Katy, who used a trust to keep his winnings confidential.

New Jersey and Texas require players to choose whether they would like their winnings in cash or an annuity form upon winning, with that decision becoming final after 60 days have elapsed. West Virginia allows players to change their choice after collecting their winnings.

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