Where Is Online Gambling Legal?


The State of Maryland has an arduous legal history when it comes to gambling. Although the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibited sports betting, in 2018 the Supreme Court overturned this enabling states to regulate their markets independently. Unfortunately, however, Maryland has struggled to get an online gambling infrastructure up and running; their iGaming bill passed in 2022 allows sports betting but legislation for other forms has yet to pass into law.

Rhode Island On March 11, 2024, Rhode Island officially legalized online casino gambling through its new iGaming law, expanding Bally’s current monopoly casino monopoly to cover an regulated internet offering. Residents 21 or over can now enjoy online slots, table games, and poker from within a safe environment.

Although Arkansas is known for its stringent gambling laws, online gambling remains legal in this state. Indeed, numerous casinos on tribal land offer casino gaming. Furthermore, Arkansas Gaming Commission oversees several lotteries as well as social gaming and sweepstakes sites that operate legally within its borders.

While states like Minnesota work towards legalizing more forms of online gambling, Nebraska and Florida have also passed laws legalizing iGaming but have yet to launch. Furthermore, some worry iGaming could negatively impact retail tax revenues in these states.

Idaho boasts some of the tightest gambling laws in the U.S., prohibiting all forms of online gambling except daily fantasy sports which is legal in Idaho. Residents may still access offshore betting sites; however, be wary as these operators are unregulated by American authorities and should proceed with caution when accessing them.

Alabama boasts one of the strictest gambling laws in the US, prohibiting most forms of gambling such as online casinos while only permitting pari-mutuel horse racing and bingo as forms of legalized gambling. Sports betting at licensed racetracks and casinos is permitted; legislation to expand this type of betting in Alabama has yet to pass in either house of its legislature.

Although Iowa has a rich gambling tradition, none form of online gambling is currently permitted within its borders. Although efforts are being undertaken to change this situation; at present sports betting will likely become legalized first before moving towards offering full online casino services in due course.

Legality of online gambling varies between states, with some making sports betting available and others yet to launch their iGaming services. Yet there is an emerging movement to legalise all forms of online gambling; therefore, where is online gambling legal has never been more pertinent. This article looks into current state-by-state laws concerning this industry as well as future outlook.

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