Review: High Tea Fall Fashion Show

I had such high expectations for The High Tea Fall Fashion Show and I have to say that I was pretty bummed when it didn’t deliver. Somehow I got the start time mixed up and when I showed up at 3:30 I thought I had a ton of time and I was wrong. The Fashion Show was already under way and I was late.

I quickly signed in, grabbed my “bites box”, an iced tea since it was that or champagne and headed off to find my seat.

The show was enjoyable and while some of the “fashion” was questionable for Fall, Oakley and Tommy Bahama I’m talking to you; I did find a new favorite store in C. Wonder.

The biggest let down was the “High Tea” part. The bite boxes as they called them were provided by Lisa’s Tea Treasures and consisted of 1/2 a cucumber & cream cheese sandwich on white bread and a tiny scone the size of a silver dollar. Really guys that was the best you could do? Next time I’ll just skip a ticket, save myself $25 and just watch the show from the sideway.

I do have to say that after the show there were after-parties hosted by some of the sponsors that served drink and munchies so we all walked around and enjoyed the freebies.

Oh well, live and learn.

Yours Truly,


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