Slowing Down & Baby Crafts

As I get closer and closer to my due date I’m really starting to slow down.

Baking is no longer much fun for me since I’ve started to develop the dreaded…*gasp*…kankles, which means I’m pretty much limited to activities that involve a lot of sitting. I still get out for a few short walks a day and aside from the kankles I’m healthy but when you’re used to a rush, rush, rush lifestyle this is really a game changer.

I’ll try and post more crafting oriented entries but no guarantees; at this point I’ve got major Baby brain and it’s all I think about.

If anyone has any great Baby related crafts I’d love to hear about them. For now here’s a few I’ve come across that I might try out:

Alphabet Art by Mr. Printable

Alphabet Art

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Printable

Poopy Clutch Tutorial by Melissa EsplinScalloped Edged Clutch PDF

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Esplin

Numbered Baby Bodysuits by Martha Stewart

Baby Bodysuits

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Nursery Closet Organizers by Urban Jane

Photo Courtesy of Urban Jane

Yours Truly,