Rocky Road Cookies

When I saw these Rocky Road Cookies on Momables I knew I had to make them. They looked mouth-watering and they turned out anything like the Rocky Road candy bars or ice cream the recipe would be a keeper.

Unfortunately regardless of what the site says, these cookies are not simple. To me simple is throwing all ingredients in one bowl, mixing them together and plopping the dough onto a cookie sheet and popping it into the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Anything more than that it’s “simple” it’s just normal.

First assembled all the required ingredients + mini mallow bites (1/2 C.) and chocolate covered marshmallows (1 C.) my personal contribution to the recipe.

Next rig up a double-boiler and let me just say that any baking that requires a double-boiler = advanced and I’m thinking that these cookies better be pretty flipin’ fantastic for all the effort I’m going to.

Where was I? Oh yes, now that the double-boiler is in place add your chocolate chips and butter.

Continually stir them until they look like this and then you can stop and remove them from heat to cool.

Here’s the easy part. In a small bowl combine your dry ingredients.

In a separate larger bowl combine your wet ingredients and mix for 2 minutes until thick.

Add in the dry ingredients mixture and the cooled chocolate and mix for another minute.

My decision not to use mini marshmallows might have been based slightly off of the fact that I didn’t have any but I don’t regret it. However you choose to proceed this is where you add your nuts, other chocolate chips and marshmallow-like products.

Now here’s where we’re going to make some changes. Per the recipes instructions I line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and after I place my cookie dough on it and baked it for 10 minutes all I got was a gooey, chocolate and foil encrusted mess than was hardly recognizable as a cookie.

To save you the trouble I’m going to tell you to line your cookie sheet with parchment paper instead and cookie your cookies for a total 14 minutes.

Not quite as good as the candy bar but with my additions you definitely get your fair share of marshmallows. For anyone who knows me, you know I’m always game for anything with lots of marshmallows but just be warned there’s quite a bit of effort involved if you make these cookies.

Next time I’ll have to find a way to make these but faster. However if you have time and are craving a s’more without the graham cracker and don’t have access to an open flame these cookies are a decent substitute.

Yours Truly,