Happy Father’s Day

Since this is the 1st Father’s Day as a Father for The Husband you’d think I’d have some elaborate day planned for him but that’s not the case. Unlike me, The Husband is a low-key, homebody and his request was simply some time to work on his project car in the garage and maybe breakfast.

Works for me and it makes him happy! That sounds like a win-win for both of us.

So to all you Fathers out there be this your first Father’s Day or your 30th I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day however you choose to celebrate it.

Yours Truly,


Father’s Day Camping

I hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day.

I know that I did and that’s because our tradition of camping over Father’s Day is one of my top 5 favorite things to do every year. As my Sister so perfectly put it, “When else do I get the chance to have Dad’s undivided attention for a few days?”

See, my Dad is in real estate and that means that he doesn’t have 9am – 5pm job. If a Client has a question they call him. If a Broker has a question they call him. If his Real Estate Partner has a questions she calls him. Basically his phone is an extension of his office which is okay most days but when we camp it’s not an issue because there’s no cell signal at the camp site (although I did find out that he hiked to head quarters one day because apparently there’s cell service there and he wanted to check his message).

Apparently this weekend means just as much to my siblings as it does to me and Dad. My Brother drove up from Irvine to make it and my Sister and Brother-in-Law came straight from the Airport (from Amsterdam, I might add) so that they could come camping.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t do a lot when we get to Big Basin Redwood State Park. We just eat, hike, nap, play card games and eat some more but I cherish the memories that we make every year.

Here’s a few of my favorite snap shots from the trip.

Anyone else have Father’s Day traditions?

Yours Truly,


Father’s Day Camping

This year, as part of an on-going tradition we took my Dad Camping for Father’s Day. We don’t go far, only about an hour away to Big Basin but every year it’s just as fun as the year before.


This year there was a little bit of hiking, a stop at the general store for ice cream, good food and a high stakes card games with quarters (THIS one was the favorite this year).

Hope all of you had a great Father’s Day as well!

Yours Truly,


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Why is it that most Father’s Day gifts are focus around;

1.) Ties & Bow Ties

2.) BBQ

3.) Golf

Doesn’t Hallmark know that Father’s are more than just guys in ties who BBQ on the weekends and golfs for fun? I know my Dad won’t wear a tie when he doesn’t have to, prefers Arby’s and Armadillo Willy’s for his BBQ and doesn’t golf unless he’s entertaining clients.

Photo via Lowes.com

For all of you that have a Dad who likes something a little different these gift ideas are for you.

Sound Wave Print from OwlishGrey via Etsy

Batman Money Clip from Think Geek

Wooden Beef Butcher Diagram Cutting Board via woodink on Etsy

Bicycle Repair Kit via Amazon

Upcycled Circuit Board Cuff Links via sparkover on Etsy

Beer Cap Magnets via MAKE80 on Etsy

Got any good ideas yet?

Yours Truly,