Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter yesterday with family and friends.

We played it pretty low-key here. No egg hunt or Easter basket since the Baby isn’t quite old enough to understand what’s going on but there was lots of visiting, good eats and pictures.

I may have also over-indulged in some hot cross buns but they looked so tasty and were hard to resist, so I didn’t even really try. I guess I should also say an extra special thank you to La Boulanger for making them just they way I wanted them so I didn’t have to.

Yours Truly,


Try it on Tuesday: Happy (Early) Easter

Easter Sunday Brunch used to be a big thing in my family. Grandma would take us all shopping and it was AN ORDEAL to get us all out of the door on time for Church. Now that I’m older is not so big a thing but I still like to get all gussied up.

Happy (Early) Easter


Any fun Easter traditions in your family?
Yours Truly,

Easter Carrot “Garden”

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a quick, creative Easter centerpiece then these Carrot Garden Easter Favors from Dollar Store Crafts are just what you’re looking for.

photo courtesy of Dollar Store Crafts

Everything can be purchased from Dollar Tree for $5 – $10 (depending on what you have on hand) and I don’t know why I never thought of something so cute.

So go, grab your keys, head over to your nearest Dollar Tree and get crafting!

Yours Truly,


P.S. This is really just an excuse for me to buy some more of those carrot “eggs” since I gave away my last set. Apparently carrots in December don’t exactly scream Merry Christmas