ThirTEAth Birthday Party – Invitations

Every year in our family October is a big month and as September draws to a close I’ve very much reminded of this. It’s a month full of Birthdays (My Littlest Sister, Brother-in-Law, The Husband and Me) and this year it’s a big one for me; my 30th.

For me it’s not something to dread, or a way to mourn the end of the 20s but simply another reason to really go all out on a party. To celebrate my 30th Birthday I am in fact, completely embracing the corny aspect of it and I’m throwing myself a ThirTEAth Birthday party.

As the date draws nearer I’ll share more and more details about the party but for now let’s start with the invitations. The idea is from Pinterest and the templates can be found HERE courtesy of Do-It-Yourself-Invitations.


-White or plain cardstock

-Decorative cardstock (I bought something similar to THIS, from Michaels)


-Baker’s twine


-Exacto Blade

-Glue dots

-Glue stick



-A6 Envelopes (4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″)

*Optional: additional cardstock for envelope liners & envelope liner template. Two great DIY Envelope Template Guides can be foundĀ HERE and HERE.

Using the templates I modified the wording, using a Free font download from Simple As That and then printed everything out.

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca from Simple as That

Next it’s all about assembling the invites and what method works best for you. Glue dots of the plain cardstock to attach it to the tea cup and on the bow. An Exacto blade to cut out the slash in the lid for the tea bag, and tape to adhere the tea bag label to the twine and to the invite.

If you’re planning on making envelope liners I recommend a glue stick over glue dots but that’s because I don’t like it when they open the envelope and the liner falls off.

You’re all set and now it’s time to start planning the decor, menu, favors and activities!

Yours Truly,