Lemon Blueberry Bread

As part of my 3-Day Weekend celebration I decided to make some sort of sweet bread (vs. savory) and this Lemon blueberry recipe really fit the bill. Back when blueberries were in season I might have bought way more than I could eat with the intention of freezing some and now I was all to happy to break into my stash.

The recipe was submitted by ChezSpice onto All Recipes and I have to admit that I made a few minor tweaks. Before I started I knew that I wanted to make mini loaves so I doubled the recipe and divided the batter into 3 mini pans.

Also, after reading the ingredient list I decided that 2 Cups of sugar was an awful lot of sweet for 3 tiny loaves so I switch it out for 1 Cup of C&H light. C&H light was something that on purchased on a whim and it is a mix of stevia and pure cane sugar and now my go-to sugar substitutes. That’s because it’s still sweet, you don’t sacrifice flavor and most importantly; you don’t feel guilty when you eat six cookies instead of the just one you meant to have. Don’t lie, I know it’s happened to you too.

I did find that you don’t need to bake the mini loaves for as long as the single loaf; mine were about 40 minutes but be sure to check them with a toothpick and only remove them when it comes out clean.

As soon as these were out of the oven I was right there with the glaze and boy, did they look great. I even made sure to share a few loaves and I was rewarded with this text from a friend.

My favorite type of compliment is the kind that requires no words.

Yours Truly,