A Quick Hello!

Let’s me be quite honest. For the past few months there has’t really been a lot of baking going on at my house. Surprised? I doubt it.

In fact, there hasn’t really been a lot of free time at all. What little free time I do have I’m definitely not thinking about baking; I’m probably either sleeping, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, you know, all the other things that have to get done so that our house doesn’t look like it’s been hit by a tornado.

So please forgive me if I have no new recipes to post for you. These days I’m lucky if I look presentable but hang in there. Now that I’m working again I’ll get into some sort of rhythm.

Until then, here’s a cute Baby picture.

Or two.

Yours Truly,


Baby – Gender Reveal

With two months left in my pregnancy I realize I’ve been rather remiss is posting any details about our little bundle of joy but I’m about to change that.

Right before Christmas last year, The Husband and I went in for our 80 point ultrasound check (which I know, sounds like a car check-up) and that’s where they make sure that everything is going as it should. The Technician measure the length of all of the Baby’s bones, makes sure all their vital organs are intact and the right size and after all that they ask you if you want to know the sex.

This was never a questions for either of us and we eagerly answered, “YES!” Apparently the kid had other idea because at this point the Tech had such a time getting the right angle that we almost didn’t find out. The baby was in a sitting position with it’s legs cross, arms over it’s chest and curled into a little ball. With a bit of persuasion the Tech finally got the angle she was looking for and The Husband and I got what we hoped for.

As a little extra present for our family we gifted each of them with a box and had them all open it at the same time Christmas morning.

This May, we’ll be welcoming a little boy and we couldn’t have been happier; even if the rest of the family was pulling for a little girl.

Yours Truly,