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I’m California born, a BIG SJ Shark’s fan, married to a my High School sweetheart whom I lovingly refer to here as The Husband and owned by an adorable little Italian Greyhound, Indy.

We have a cute little house in San Jose, Ca where I have my very own craft room that’s constantly changing and a wide-open kitchen where all my baking magic happens.

The love affair with tea started on my 13th Birthday when my Mother decided that I should have a Tea Party.It was a huge affair; all my friends our make-up done at the local Macys and dresses up in our crushed velvet finery (it was the 90s), away we went. The Tea Shop was a cute little place in Downtown Saratoga (which is sadly, no longer there) and while I don’t quite remember what we ate or drank, I do remember having a wonderful time. We wore gloves, drank tea with our pinkies up, and giggled the whole time; it was grand.

When I started Fox And A Parasol in March of 2011 I wanted it to be all about tea parties, cake plates and baking but as I’ve grown so to has the blog. I still bake and now I even dabble in photography, but some days I’ll just go out on a tangent so bear with me. Eventually I’ll circle back around to baking because try and I might it’s like a sirens call to me and I always come back to baking.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t still love to dress up for tea parties and enjoy a good cup of tea every morning because come on, some things never change.

Yours Truly,


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mel & Krys- I am so happy to have found your booth at the DeAnza Flea Market last Saturday. The 3 plate stands I bought now adorn my kitchen counter – they are just delightful. I can’t wait to see more of your creative designs. I am an avid tea drinker (born & raised in a British Colony);so I will share this with all my friends. Good luck with your new endeavors. Ann

  2. Krys,

    I love this, I didn’t realize you were so crafty!! I am always trying something new. I have taken up crocheting and going to be joining a crochet group here in Connecticut. I have made some mug cozies like the one I gave you for x-mas, a hat, and some mary jane slippers. I will send pics soon so you can see. Can’t wait for your Etsy shop, Etsy is addictive and inspirational. I don’t currently have anything in my shop but, sure like to buy things. FYI, you can buy sewing patterns on Etsy.


    • Thanks Erin!
      I actually always liked crafting, I just… never really did. But now that I started, I think I’ve caught the bug. Let me know if you have any fun crafts or items for Etsy that you would like to post/show off on here! Crocheting is fun, I tried to teach myself, but I didn’t get very far. I LOOVE crocheted mary jane slippers, I’ve been wanting to make some myself :-P
      I miss and love you guys!

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