ThirTEAth Birthday Party = Success!

Although I don’t have any picture (aside from this cell phone selfie) to share yet, I know, I know, it was a whole 5 days ago; I can honestly say it was a success. There was so much to do and I thought I had it all planned out but as people walked in I put everyone to work and hopefully they don’t hate me for that.

Yes it might have been a bit hot to have it outside and yes, there were flies but honestly it just added to it. That just meant The Husband brought out some fans and an electric fly swatter and sure, that could have ended badly with all that china but it worked out fine.

I’m so glad almost all of my friends could make it out to my party and that all the high tea-virgins had a great time and ┬áit will definitely go down as one of my most memorable parties to date.

I also promise that pictures are coming…soonish.

Yours Truly,


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