Valentine’s Day Cards

Let the countdown continue! 2 more days until Valentine’s Day and that’s plenty of time to say, make a card or even a gift. To follow through with my promise I bring you, gift and card ideas.

Not really into DIY gifts? What about surprising them in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea complete with these cute cup wraps from Amy at Eat Drink Chic.

Boy or Girl

How about one of these adorable cards from Brittany of One Charming Party

Or maybe one of these Valentine’s Day Cards from Kristin at Bunny Cakes.

For gifts let’s go simple but creative.

Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit and Micheline at The Miniature Moose shows you how to turn them into hearts. Pure genius!

A Sharpie + a mug makes for a quick, easy and creative way to say, “I Love you,’ and Amber at Living Your Creative even walks you through how to do it.

And of course who doesn’t love kisses? Especially these giant rice krispy treat versions by Jadi of  Homemade Fun.

See it won’t be that hard and they’ll think you spent lots of time on them.

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