Valentine’s Day Decorations

I always have good intentions for Valentine’s Day. I go crazy on Pinterest thinking that I’ll make tons of cutesy projects and our house will overflow with red & pink hearts and declarations of love. Yeah, not so much.

I managed to find this banner from last year but so far that’s the extent of my Valentine’s Day decorations.

Don’t fret you’ve still got 4 days until V-Day and I’v got a few easy projects to inspire you. Unless you’re anti-Valentine’s Day in which case THESE are probably more your style.

Photo via Thirty Handmade Days

For Everyone else, here are those red, pink and purple “ahhhhh” inspiring projects that I promised.

Heart-Shaped Cone Trees from Christina at IGottaCreate

Heart Garlands

Candles with sprinkles, candy or whatever you have that’s red, white or pink.

Quick and cute Valentine’s Day inspired artwork like these pieces by Ruth from Living Well Spending Less

Or one of these Printables from Aimee of Sprik Space

Ready, set, Commence with the decorating!

Yours Truly,


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