Blog Spotlight: Can You Stay For Dinner?

Whenever you try to lose weight for whatever reason, it’s always a struggle.

A few months ago I decided that for myself and my own health I wanted to lose some weight but I knew I didn’t want to do it by dieting so instead I’ve implemented a “lifestyle change.” I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy but really, anything worth having isn’t easy and it makes every pound I lose a small victory.

I’m trying to bake/cook with healthier alternatives but sometimes it’s really challenging. So on the days when I’m feeling bummed I read Andie‘s Blog, Can You Stay For Dinner? and I feel inspired. She puts a healthy spin to her recipes and doesn’t deprive herself of what she loves. Instead she eats everything in moderation and has made exercise a part of her daily routine.


Her story is incredible and it helps me to realize that I don’t have to give up what I love I just have to change the way I make things.

Have any of you, or do any of you struggle with your weight and want to share your story?

Yours Truly,


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