Strawberry Shortcake Muffins

I guess you could say rolled oats are fast becoming one of my go-to snack and breakfast foods but they’re so easy to dress up I can’t resist.

THESE Strawberry Shortcake Muffins from Katie are a great balance of sweet & hearty and super easy to make. Simply measure, combine, blend, mix and pour and you’re done.

I followed Katie’s instructions fairly close and just altered the ingredients. I substituted the Greek yogurt for sour cream, used regular cane sugar instead of the suggested stevia and omitted the lemon juice.

Mix everything but the strawberries in a blender or Cuisinart.

Pour the mix into a bowl and add in the strawberries (saving about 1/2 cups for the tops).

In her post Katie suggests foil liners because she had issues with paper cups sticking to the muffins. Unfortunately all I had was paper liners so I went ahead and used them and I didn’t have any problems.

Now you have 12 little muffins of strawberry-oatmeal goodness to enjoy.

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