Harney & Sons Tea

While The Husband and I were on vacation last month I has a major tea meltdown. Before we left I thought about packing my own tea, creamer & sugar but thought, “That’s silly. I’m not going to the edge of the earth, they’ll have tea in Yellowstone.”  Think again.

By the end of the trip I had tried everything and I was desperate. Watered down Lipton tea, McDonald’s tea, coffee with cream and sugar & even my go-to Mighty Leaf at one venue but it wasn’t the same. Finally with only a few days left, The Husband and I found Pearl Street Bagels and unknowingly my salvation. If you have a chance to go to Jackson, WY I recommend that you try their bagels; they’re tasty and unique (in a good way).

While waiting in line there for bagels I saw a few nice looking tea tins for only $5.75! Since it was so inexpensive I nabbed an Early Grey Supreme (20 sachets) and thought I’d give it a try.

Photo Courtesy of Beau-Coup.com

After checkout as we were waiting for our drinks to come up a lady approached me and asked if I’d ever had Harney & Sons before. I replied that I hadn’t and she said that I was in for a treat. I couldn’t wait to try it!

The next morning I made it and it was SUCH an upgrade. I was in tea bliss. Of course The Husband, who was aware of my tea struggles over the past week cracked up. It was good, why hide it? Suffice to say I brought the tea to work and everyday that I’ve had a cup it’s been just as good as the first day. If you want to try it Amazon sells it and you can get it HERE. It’s not $5.75 cheap but at $.46/sachet it’s still cheaper than Starbucks and much tastier.

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