Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Yard Sale & Outrageous Outgrowns

This weekend there are two events happening that I’ve been looking forward to for months; the Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Yard Sale and Outrageous Outgrowns.

For the last few weeks I’ve been in full on thrift mode; which I’m going to blame on my need to nest and have been stock piling clothes all the way to 3T for little Baby Rocky from all of our local Savers and Goodwills. With these two sales I’m not looking for anything in particular and I’m hoping that strategy pays off in the form of awesome deals on things I didn’t know I HAD to have.

If you’re interested in either of these events check out the links (above) for more information and HERE is a parking voucher for Outrageous Outgrowns that cuts the cost down from $8/car to $3/car. I’ve never been but it’s at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds on Friday, 4/10 Saturday, 4/11 and Sunday, 4/12 (Everything is 1/2 Price) from 9AM – 5PM.

Happy Hunting my fellow thrifters!

Yours Truly,


Cupertino CityWIDE Garage Sale! (9/20 & 9/21/14)

There’s one last all-you-can-eat City Wide Garage Sale for 2014 and it’s this weekend in Cupertino, CA.

Yup, that’s right the LAST one of the year and I’ll be honest, Cupertino is always my favorite. Maybe it has something to do with Cupertino being my old stomping grounds but I’m convinced that the best stuff and bargains can be had there; I’m still ranting about my Pottery Barn finds almost 10 years later!

If you’re itching to get a few more garage sales in before the weather starts changing check out the Cupertino City’s website for more details.

Detailed Printable PDF Map HERE

List of all Registered Garage Sales (with item descriptions and dates) HERE

See all the Red dots, those are garage sales and I’m hoping to make quite the dent in those on Saturday.

Yours Truly,


Santa Clara City-Wide Garage Sales (Aug. 9th)

Summer is starting to draw to a close and I was surprised that the city of Santa Clara waited this long to have their City-wide Garage Sale Day.On their website they say the event happens every August but I swear it was earlier than that a few years ago. Oh well, I must just be getting older.

If you’re like me and you’ve been eagerly awaiting this day then you’re in luck! The Garage sales are going to be held this upcoming weekend on Saturday, 8/9 and (un-officially on) Sunday, 8/10 and you can go HERE for a map so that you can pre-plan the best route and plan of attack.

As always, happy hunting!

Yours Truly,


Estate Sale (Friday, 6/27 – Sunday, 6/29)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s a little something to get you all excited for this weekend; an Estate Sale because come on, who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?

It’s being held by Family Treasures Estate Sale Liquidators and it is going to be HERE and it will be going on today through Sunday, 6/29 from 9AM – 4PM.

According to the notice that I received this is what you can expect:

Huge Doll Collection: Betsy McCall, Globel, Madame Alexander, Disney, Royal Dalton, Cabbage Patch, Stieff Bear, Precious Moments, Kish, Wendy Lawton, McClory, Goodrau, handmade Russian dolls, Anderson Miniatures, Dresden collectibles, Vintage Half Doll pin cushions, Effanbees, American Girl and accessories, Antique porcelain doll heads, Alice in Wonderland collection.  Several limited edition dolls, signed and one of a kind dolls, 7 hutches full of dolls and collectibles, Doll furniture, rocking chairs, horse trike, doll clothes and accessories, ~40 Limoges trinket boxes, collectibles, household, garden decorations, patio furniture, outdoor rugs, electric BBQ, kitchen table and chairs, patio furniture, hutches, Rattan furniture, rubber made container, Franciscan glasses and dishers, Royal Anderson Flower of the Month, kitchen, costume jewelry, miniatures craft supplies, holiday, clothing, Alice in Wonderland collection and more!

Sounds like a good sale for anyone interested in dolls but you never know what you’ll find until you get there.

Yours Truly,


Estate Sale: Friday, 5/30 – Sunday, 6/1

I still can’t post any picture on here but that doesn’t mean I can’t let you know about an Estate Sale set for this weekend that starts tomorrow.

It’s being put on by Family Treasures Liquidator and it will be HERE Friday, 5/30 – Sunday, 6/1 from 9AM – 4PM, most likely with everything 50% off on Sunday.

large assortment of Jewelry (Fine, Costume and Vintage), 2 Dining Room Tables (Teak & Vintage), 2 Couches, and matching Chairs, Dressers and End Table,
Twin Wooden Beds, Glassware, Housewares, Kitchen ware (Microwave Oven), Limoges, Artwork, Vacuum Cleaners, Suzuki Electric Organ, Compact Stereo, Ice Skates, Tools (Hand-Power), 30 gal. air compressor, 6 HP Lawnmower, Sporting Equipment (Fishing Equipment), Vintage Golf Clubs and Bags, Treadmill and Schwinn Stationary Bike, Furniture (Lamps), Curio, Armoire, Music Boxes, Large Variety Snow Globes, Buffet Cabinets, CD’s, LP’s, VHS and DVDs, Garden Items, Toy’s and Games, Women’s Clothing (Vintage and Designer), Designer Handbags and Shoes, Engine Stand, Sony Big Screen TV, Patio Furniture (Sets), Printers, Office Supplies, File Cabinets, Weight Bench and Weight Tree, Mountain Bike, Sewing Machines (1 Vintage Singer), Train Sets, All Appliances (Washer/Dryer, Freezer, Fridge, and Dishwasher), O2 Rehab (Orthopedic ) Machine, Walkers and Canes, Space Heaters

Since I have tomorrow off, this may be the perfect way to kick off my 3-day weekend.

Yours Truly,


Weekend Preview: Thrift Sales

Since I’m limited to picture-less posts until I can get everything back to normal, here’s are some upcoming thrift sales for the weekend.

Community Rummage Sale
Sat. 5/17 (8am – 1pm): 14685 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA.

Garage Sale
Sat. 5/17 (8am – 3pm): Community sale off Pollard Road, Los Gatos Woods, CA near El Camino Hospital.

Estate Sale
Fri 5/16 & Sat. 5/17 (9am – 4pm): Clocks, furniture, China, household, railroad items, tools, washer/dryer, refrigerator & garden. 16588 Oleander Avenue, Los Gatos , CA.

Estate Sale
Fri. 5/16 (9am – 4pm) & Sat. 5/17 (10am – 2pm): Antiques, vintage items, wood carvings from around the world. You name it and we probably have it. 5082 Rebel Court, San Jose, CA.

I’ve got no idea what these are going to be like but for me, something to look forward to always makes the weekend all the sweeter.

Yours Truly,

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow is coming to Santa Clara on June 7th and I’m stoked!

I love watching the show and I’m just as delighted/surprised/amazed when someone strike it rich with some 50 Cent garage sale find as they are.

If you want to join in on the fun you can apply for show tickets HERE. The selections is completely random and limited to one entry per household and you can start checking their website on 4/29/14 to see if you were selected. If you’re in they’ll send you two tickets 3-weeks before the show date.

Crossing my fingers and hoping I get to go!

Yours Truly,


De Anza Flea Market – Sat., 3/1

Due to the chance of rain I’ve decide to cancel our appearance at the De Anza Flea Market tomorrow. Depending on which website I visit it’s either going to be cloudy or raining and I just don’t feel like risking it.


So until the weather decides to cooperate our first 2014 appearance has been postponed.

Yours Truly,


White Elephant Sale – Sat., 3/1 & Sun., 3/2

Even though last year was a bust The Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where Fox And A Parasol came to fruition and it was my first true introduction to the world of rummage sales.

This year it’s not going to be the big tah-dah that I’ve made it into for the last few years. Just a laid-back day spent shopping with a friend, looking for things we couldn’t possible live without and surrounded by hundreds of people.

Sound like your kind of weekend? Admission is free and the Sale will be happening on Saturday, 3/1 and Sunday, 3/2 from 10AM to 4PM, oh and everything is marked 1/2 off on Sunday.

If you need directions to 333 Lancaster Street, Oakland, CA 94601, HERE you go.

Yours Truly,


Estate Sale: Sat. 2/8 & Sun. 2/9

I used to joke that someone has a good laugh when they made these two streets. Back in my flower delivery days I stumbled across Rough & Ready and I’m sure everyone always assumed it was one of my tales. Too bad for me it was pre-camera phone so I had nothing to back me up.

There’s going to be an Estate Sale there this weekend and I may have to go just to take a photo at this cross street. Just for future reference and maybe the SJ Sharks gear.

“Two water fountains, many outdoor potted plants, gardening items, patio swing, couches, two Lazy Boys with massage and heat, Elliptical exercise bike, electric scooter, Singer sewing machine with cabinet, two kitchen tables with chairs, hutch, new tupperware, household items, Sharks accessories, books, ping-pong table, clothing, guitar, computer, mini frig., microwave,hair salon items and salon station, costume jewelry, electronics, baby clothes and accessories, snow board boots, and much more!!”

If you’re interested they’ll be hosting it Saturday, 2/8 and Sunday 2/9 from 9AM – 4PM on both days.

Yours Truly,